A Walking Tour Through Fado History

Thu, 05.04.2018
Praça da Figueira

How Fado Inspired Street Art

On the 5th of April, our Portuguese language school organized a historical walking tour around Lisbon. The theme of this event was Fado.

Our history teacher, Indira Leão, took us through this fantastic journey, showing us the most characteristics places of Fado.

Fado was born in XIX century and its founder was Severa. Nowadays Fado is influenced by all the artistic fields, not only music but also street art, paintings and more, Fado is a subject of art.
Our tour began in Praça da Figueira, and then we saw the mural “Fado Vadio” which represents what Fado was and is, what it means as common culture and how from a popular culture it became national symbol of a population and a country.

Afterwards, we walked through the neighbourhoods of Mouraria and Alfama. Mouraria played an important role in the life of the most famous “fadistas” and it is the place where Fado was born. Here we visited Severa’s house.

Severa was the first “fadista”. She was a prostitute and she used to sing Fado in taverns. In her songs she would sing about destiny and her unfortunate life, lack of love and sadness.

After Mouraria we stopped in front of one of the most famous murals in Lisbon. The street artist Vhils, dedicated one of his works to Amália Rodrigues. She is considered a diva all over the world and an icon of Fado.

Our students were stunned when confronted with the beauty of such an interesting world called Fado.

At the end of the tour we enjoyed a good glass of wine in the “tasca do Fado” in Alfama. Here we sat down listening to musicians who sang and played Fado, immerging ourselves in its magical atmosphere.

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Discover Lisbon and its traditions by walking


On the 5th of April 2018 our Portuguese language school is organizing a walking tour about Fado History. The aim is to recreate atmosphere and reveal history. You will experience feelings and emotions of the past. You will discover stories hidden in the conventional history.

Indira Leão, our history teacher, will accompany us through this experience. She will explain both in English and Portuguese the birth and evolution of “Fado”.

The walking tour will start in Praça da Figueira, follow through the very peculiar neighbourhoods of Mouraria and Alfama.

During the visit, we will discover the origin of Fado in Lisbon during the second half of the XIX century, highlighting the figure of Severa. She was the “cantadeira de Fado” who will become, in later years, one of the greatest myths of the Fado History, a reference point for the Fado community.

Our teacher will focus on the specificities of the Fado from Mouraria and Alfama, throughout the XX century. During the walk, Indira will refer to some of the most important places in which Fado appears as a landmark of Lisbon’s identity. Some famous composers, musicians and voices of the Portuguese Fado from the XX century will be evoked.

Indira Leão will show us how Fado is represented by artists from the younger generations of the XXI century.

Therefore, through this tour we will learn how Fado was born and developed throughout the ages.

The visit will end in a typical “tasca de fado”. Here some “fadistas” will sing traditional songs of Lisbon allowing us to experience a real Fado night. During the performance we will have a glass of wine joining in the Fado History.

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