We went to the Theater last night!

Thu, 25.01.2018
Teatro Nacional D. Maria II

Our Language School in Lisbon had a night out

at the Teatro Nacional D.Maria II last night!

Going to the theatre to watch a show in a new language isn’t the first choice for a night out for most people. However, for those brave souls who chose to jump in the deep end last night – PARABÉNS!

We hope you came out feeling that it was a worthwhile and challenging experience. As you continue with your European Portuguese studies, exposing your ears to new words and styles of expression, you will find that your understanding will only improve, and your language learning enriched.


The Portuguese language is unique and has it’s own distinct poetic style of expression. This is very much evident in it’s literature and poetry. As in most plays in any language about human suffering, the actors in “O Grande Dia da Batalha” spoke quite philosophically. With their use of subtle humor and nuance, it is often difficult for those learning Portuguese to catch, but we hope the drama, beautiful set design, and the ambiance of the theatre helped you through the show!

Remember, that stepping outside our comfort zone, is the best way to learn. And our friendly staff are always happy to answer any questions, or direct you to the best place.



We were so glad you could join us last night, and we look forward to seeing you all, and those who couldn’t make it, at our next event at our Language School in Lisbon.



We’re going to the Theatre!- “O Grande Dia da Batalha”

On Thursday, our Language School in Lisbon is taking its students to admire a beautiful historical building while attending one of the most anticipated plays.

Language School in Lisbon

“O Grande Dia da Batalha”

Written by Jorge Silva Melo, produced by Artistas Unidos, and co-produced by the Teatro Nacional D.Maria II (TNDM II), this is a Contemporary play inspired by Russian socialist realism writer, Máximo Gorki’s play titled, “A Night’s Lodging”.

Meet us at 8:30 pm in front of the ticket office. Get ready for one of the most amazing experiences you can have in Portuguese Culture!

The show will begin with the original script by Gorki. You will then see it being transformed into the play by Jorge Silva Melo.

This is a story about a lodging house occupied by people who were once ‘somebody’ in society. And now they are outcasts due to the injustice and cruelty of the world.
A provocative portrait to our contemporaneity?

Going to the theatre is a chance to watch live actors, feel the emotions, hear the music, admire the costumes, and set design.

Forget the present and get lost in the story that’s being told. In our Language School, we know how good this experience can be to our students. A perfect and contextualized exercise of listening and oral comprehension, contemplating pure art and emotion.

Afterwards, let’s get together and share our opinions and feeling with a hot chocolate, coffee or ginjinha!

Don’t hesitate and join us now. Be a part of our Language School in Lisbon! Let us help you discover what best exists in our city!