Learn Portuguese in Lisbon in a communicative way

Learn Portuguese in Lisbon with highly qualified teachers that possess degrees in teaching Portuguese as a Foreign Language. Before joining our institute, each teacher undergoes an internship program with our pedagogical director, ensuring their alignment with our teaching philosophy and their unique personal touch.

At Português et Cetera, the main focus is providing interactive and communicative lessons that connect the classroom subjects to real-life experiences. The goal is to fully immerse our students in the Portuguese language and culture, as they are intricately linked. When you learn Portuguese in Lisbon with Português et Cetera you’ll have a full immersion in the Portuguese language.

Learn Portuguese in Lisbon with us and you’ll receive a comprehensive education that will enhance both your Portuguese skills and personal growth.

Read about our team below

Susana Perry

She was born and spent her childhood in the beautiful garden that is the city of Funchal. When she was 10 years old she and her family came to the outskirts of Lisbon, where she still lives. She has English blood and comes from a family that’s not very Portuguese but is very humane and connected to humanistic ideals.

She studied Portuguese Language and Culture and taught Portuguese as a Foreign Language and she’s been a teacher at Português et Cetera since the beginning of the project.

João, Francisco, and Margarida are her garden flowers, she’s a dedicated mother as a mother should be.

She likes to paint, write stories for her children, walk along the Tejo river, and have guests at her home.

She likes to read, do some gardening, and look at the stars.

Fernanda Ferreira
Pedagogical Director
She was born at the beginning of the 60s, with The Beatles playing in the background. She spent her childhood in the countryside, in a village close to Lisbon. She lived the Revolution of the Carnation, walking in the downtown area of Lisbon in between the military cars and the smiling officers. Her favorite hobbies have always been learning, reading, and studying. She studied Romance literature, she wrote a thesis about the construction of the fantastic in Portuguese folk tales. She published poetry in anthologies and in the book Artefactos and she was a researcher and author of essays about Portuguese children’s literature, poetry, and traditional spoken literature. She taught classes of Portuguese literature, and Culture in the Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa for five years and it was from here that the project Português et Cetera came from. Always in love with words and people, she feels at home in an ambiance of multiculturality in the cosmopolitan Lisbon. She likes the most variated types of music, from world music to lyrical singing, to jazz, and to the concrete music of the reality that she lives in. She loves her cats, Azul and Francisca, and makes up a lot of songs for them. She likes to cook, walk in the rain, and go for long walks. The Nature is her God.

Vânia Ramos
Vânia is a fragile and delicate girl, just like a tulip. She loses herself in time reading, her main form of evading the real. She also really likes to watch old movies and prefers the music from the 80s and 90s. She likes animals but she especially loves birds, because of their capacity to fly and for the freedom that they imprint in their life. Apart from loving birds, she loves her family and her friends and likes being happy with them. She graduated in Romance Literatures and Languages and then specialized in the Teaching of Portuguese as a Foreign Language. Meeting others and diversity and sharing moments with the most different life histories make up her passion for teaching Portuguese to foreigners.

Ana Rita

Communication and pedagogical assistant

Rita is a surprise.
She has an owl and a cat drawn on her body. The cat, her biggest childhood friend, and the owl because it represents knowledge.
Rita looks for knowledge between the pages of the books. She likes to read and write poetry, likes to visit cities, and capture moments through photography.
She's curious about the Real, friend of her friends, diplomatic and fun.
She studied Lusophone studies and Text Editing in college.
At the school she works in communication and in the pedagogical department, doing an excellent job.

Filipa Santos
Filipa is always smiling and she has a beautiful voice that makes us think of the birds singing.
She graduated in Literatures and Arts and she specialized in teaching Portuguese as a Foreign Language.
She did an internship on Portuguese didactics in Português et Cetera, where she stayed teaching her native language to students from all over the world.
On her breaks, she loves to grab a coffee or two and she's super nice to everyone.

Pedro Caio
Pedro studied French Language and Literature and he lived for five years in Paris, where he taught French to Foreigners.
Currently, he's doing his Master's degree in Linguistics.
Pedro seems to have an innate knowledge of language's didactic, which makes his classes a moment of genuine communication.
He likes to walk in nature and in the cities. He likes to cook and eat.

Madalena Pestana
Madalena is a young teacher that always gives her best and loves to make fun and dynamic classes, creating a good relationship with the students and a good learning environment. Her studies started with a Bachelor's in Portuguese studies, allowing her to know more about Portuguese culture and literature. Her favorite Portuguese authors are Júlio Dinis, Camilo Castelo Branco and João Tordo. After her Bachelor's degree, she did a Master's degree in Portuguese as a Second/Foreign Language, allowing her to be prepared to handle all kinds of students that learn Portuguese. Madalena loves to learn a different language and their cultures. She's learning Korean for two years and she recently started to learn Italian. So, she loves to contact the students that speak a different language and have different cultures.

Guilherme Malaquias
Guilherme has a big passion for words.
He studied Languages, Literature, and Cultures and he specialized in Text Editing.
He did an internship on Portuguese et Cetera on teaching Portuguese as a Foreign Language and now he doesn't know his biggest love: Portuguese didactics or text editing.