Official Certificates and Diplomas Preparation

Course overview

  • Individual 1-hour Lessons,
  • 35 € (1-hour); No enrolment fees;
  • All teaching material included; homework book included;
  • Weekly learning tours included;
  • Possibility of combining with other Courses at special Combination conditions;
  • Complete flexibility in scheduling.

At Português et Cetera we offer Portuguese Language Classes for CAPLE Exams preparation with the aim of granting exceptional outcomes to our students.

About CAPLE Exams

These exams meet the official EU requirements for Certification in Foreign Languages. The System consists of a series of different Portuguese Language Certificates and Diplomas, from Initial level (A1) to Superior (C2).

Our Portuguese CAPLE Training Classes are intended to provide the student with a specific, analytic and goal oriented Portuguese CAPLE Exams preparation. Therefore, usually students take some Portuguese CAPLE Training Classes after they have attended another of our Courses.

Learning methods

The school offers the most flexible approach to successfully surpass Portuguese CAPLE Tests. The training is made up of Portuguese Private Classes completely focused on the specific linguistic aspects that the student needs to concentrate on.

Some of our staff members have an incredible know-how in all the aspects of the CAPLE System. They equip students with the best skills and with the right study method to get faster results.

We offer targeted teaching capabilities for all of the different Portuguese CAPLE Exams, which are:

1)Acesso – Basic level (A1)

This exam assesses a simple communication skill in a limited set of everyday situation .

2) CIPLE Certificate – Initial Level (A2)

This exam tests Portuguese knowledge related to basic communicative situations in daily routine. You can access more information on this exam HERE.

3) DEPLE Diploma – Elementary Level (B1)

This exam assesses Portuguese expertise with respect to interaction in daily life or in work situations that require a predictable use of the language.

4) DIPLE Diploma – Intermediate Level (B2)

This exam verifies Portuguese competency in what concerns all aspects pertinent to expression of thought and effective argumentation using the correct language structures.

5) DAPLE Diploma – Advanced Level (C1)

This exam requires a high standard of fluency and knowledge of grammar.

6) DUPLE Diploma – Superior Level (C2)

The purpose of this exam is to certify a full Portuguese language mastery and the capacity for argumentation at University Level.

Preparation classes

Our CAPLE preparation Classes are extremely flexible in terms of scheduling: you can start toStudy Portuguese for CAPLE Exams whenever you wish to, and lessons are held from early morning to late afternoon all year long.

Moreover, through our weekly School Events – such as Learning Tours, Theme Nights and Recreational Trips – you will have additional opportunities to improve your language skills.

  • CAPLE Exams Calendar
    You can find the link to CAPLE Exams dates here