Why learn Brazilian Portuguese?

There are many reasons to learn Brazilian Portuguese.

First of all, the Brazilian economy is the 8th biggest one in the world and 2nd in South America. It has grown a lot in the lasts few years and it is keep growing, earning great economic importance. So if you are planning to do business with this country knowing the language will help you.

Second, Portuguese is the 6th language most spoken in the world. It is spoken in 13 countries. More than 240 million people speak Portuguese and 80% of them speak Brazilian Portuguese. Knowing Brazilian Portuguese will help you to interact really with a lot of people, both if you are planning a holiday or to start a business.

Last but not least, Brazil has an extremely interesting culture. The sound of the language is very beautiful and musical. According to Miguel De Cervantes, Brazilian Portuguese is the best-sounding language in the world. So why don’t learn something new?

Is Brazilian Portuguese different from the European one?

Brazilian has some similarities with Portuguese, but also many differences in grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary.

Do you know that if you want to buy candies in Portugal you should ask for ‘rebuçados’, while in Brazil for ‘balas’? Or that if you ask someone his ‘apelido’, a Portuguese will answer with his surname, while a Brazilian with his nickname? These are just some differences, but there are many others you will learn when attending our courses.

What do we offer in school?

Our classes are highly focused on the student necessities and the timetable is personalized. They are composed of a good mix of grammar, conversation, and studies over culture.

We offer courses at every level starting from A1 to C1.