Business Portuguese Courses in your company or online

Course Overview

Business Portuguese Courses:

  • All teaching material included;
  • Package of 10 hours of in-person classes = 395€
  • Package of 10 hours of online classes = 290€
  • Adds 5 euros per person per hour;
  • No enrolment fee


Certified by DGERT - Ministry of EducationPortuguês et Cetera is officially accredited by DGERT – Ministry of Education


Our Business Portuguese Courses are suitable for employees who need to learn Portuguese in a professional environment with colleagues. For your best convenience, your teacher can come to your company or you can meet them for online lessons.

The courses are completely personalized and since the first lesson your Portuguese language course will be focused on your professional area. We also provide adequate didactic material.

Advantages of attending Business Portuguese Courses in the company or online:

– Complete focus on your professional area since the beginning;
– Optimization of your study time;
– Flexibility in terms of schedule and workload;
– Saving traveling time;

Our pedagogical approach is very focused on communication, establishing connections between classroom activities and real-life situations. In our Portuguese Courses the student will be prepared to fit in comfortably in a Portuguese work environment. They will be able to execute daily work tasks, such as writing professional e-mails, participating in videoconferences, doing reports, communicating with clients or colleagues.

We provide classes to all levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, from A1 level to C2 level. The required level asked by companies to be able to work in a Portuguese-speaking environment is B2 level.

We offer the option of Linguistic Consultation to assess the student’s level and their professional needs and goals. From there we can recommend and design the most suitable program of study for them.