3 to 8


2 of 45min (tot. 90min per session)

all year

Portuguese Conversation Practice

Course overview

  • 4-week module; 4 weekly lessons of 45 minutes in 2 sessions; Groups of 3-8 students;
  • Tuesday and Friday
  • 15:00 to 16:00
  • 80 € cost; No enrolment fees;
  • All teaching material included;
  • Final Course Certificate and weekly learning tours included;
  • Possibility of extension and/or new learning opportunities at special extension conditions;
  • Starts every week.


Our Conversation Club is a 4-week module of 2 lessons 0f 1 hour per week divided into 2 weekly sessions. Each lesson is based entirely on Portuguese Conversation Practice.

This course is aimed at those students who already possess the basics of the language and want to become fluent in spoken Portuguese.

Lessons are designed to deal with all the different aspects of real-life situations. Regardless of whether you are a university student, a professional, or a sales assistant, you will be given the communication skills and idiomatic language to fully express yourself in every situation you might face.

Students who have attended our Conversation Club, for one or more modules, have achieved the personal communication objectives that they were looking for, in one of the most stimulating ways possible: debating.

Indeed in our Conversation Club, we ask each student to express and argue personal opinions on a given topic. It could be something regarding society, economics, or daily life.

Besides that, we focus on each student’s most common mistakes and we discuss them in the group. Phonetics, pronunciation, and listening comprehension are other aspects on which we focus during these sessions.

Moreover, the integration with our School Events – such as our Learning Tours, Theme Nights, and Recreational Trips – will help students test their acquired language skills at every stage of the learning path.

Our School is intended to be a community. Not only do we offer an innovative and results-oriented Portuguese Conversation Club but we also help students with all the aspects related to their experience in Portugal.

Calendar and Cost

Our Conversation Club starts EVERY WEEK and it is usually held in the late afternoon but we are really flexible about scheduling in order to satisfy each student’s needs.

The Course cost of 80 € also includes also our weekly parallel activities and a final course certificate. Moreover, no additional enrolment fees are required.

After your course has ended, you may decide to enroll for additional lessons by taking another module or by choosing other learning schemes amongst our Courses. We will be happy to guide you to find the best solution.