Why learn European Portuguese?

Some reasons why learning European Portuguese will enrich your life

Portuguese is the 6th most spoken language in the world. Despite it, not a lot of foreign people study this language. For this reason knowing European  Portuguese will allow you to communicate with a huge population that other people cannot interact with.  It will differentiate you, offering many working and studying opportunities.

Are you thinking to move to Portugal? Portuguese is a language that is necessary if you want to live in Portugal. In particular if you want to become a Portuguese citizen you must provide a A2 level certificate called CIPLE.

Are you thinking to travel in Portugal? Good choice! Our country has some really beautiful destination. It’s true that in cities like Lisbon and Porto English is widely spoken, but there are others less touristic destination where it is not. If you want to discover some hidden places in Portugal knowing Portuguese will facilitate your adventure and it will give an added value to your experience.

Last but not least, Portuguese language has a really beautiful sound. You can hear it in songs or in poems written by famous authors like Fernando Pessoa and Luís de Camões. Wouldn’t be amazing reading them in their original language?

What do we offer in our courses?

We offer different kind of courses, intensive, extensive or private of all the levels, from A1 to C1. All our group classes are with no more than 8 students to facilitate the learning process.

We highly focus on communication and in every day life situation.

Attending our courses you will learn not only a new language, but also a new culture.

So don’t wait anymore and start looking for the European Portuguese course that better adapt to your necessities HERE.