1 hour

You don’t need to come to our Portuguese language academy, we’ll come to you with our Portuguese classes at home!

Course overview

Portuguese Classes at Home:

  • 1 hour lesson = 45€
  • All teaching material included;
  • Homework book included; password for digital;
  • A package of 5 lessons = 215€
  • Adds 5 euros per person per hour;
  • No enrolment fees


All of our Portuguese Lessons can take place at your home, whichever best suits you: this offers many advantages.

Our teachers will come to your home bringing with them all the didactic material you need. You only have to make the best choice for you!

– Portuguese Classes at Home are suitable for people who prefer a quieter home atmosphere.

Thanks to these kinds of Portuguese Courses you will be able to:

– Optimize your time;

– Stay in your own place;

– Save money/energy by not using private or public transports;

– Be completely free to choose your schedule.

In our Language Institute, we use the “Communicative Method”, the purpose of which is to discover the most effective language use by simulating real-life situations.

Moreover, thanks to our Linguistic Consulting Approach, we are able to design the best course for each student by proposing activities most suited to his/her learning.

By offering Personalized Lessons, we always design the courses according to the needs and the goals of each student by assessing his/her linguistic level and background.

You just need to want to Learn Portuguese, our Language Academy in Lisbon will do the rest for you!

We offer different packages among which you can choose according to your specific needs:

Type of CourseDurationDiscountTotal Price
Home/Company1- 45 €
Home/Company5-10 €215 €
Home/Company10-60 €390 €