1 hour

Portuguese for Specific Purposes

Course overview

  • Individual lessons;
  • No enrolment fees;
  • Final Course Certificate and weekly Learning Tours included;
  • Possibility of combining with other Courses at special combination conditions;
  • Complete flexibility in scheduling.


Português et Cetera offers an original set of Professional Portuguese for Specific Purposes Courses based on insights in Specific Language Areas.

These Courses are intended for Intermediate, Advanced, and Superior-level students (from B1 to C2).

Traditionally, we have organized Courses for Business Portuguese, Portuguese for Tourism, Portuguese for Medical Professionals, Legal Portuguese, Portuguese for Translation and Interpreting, et Cetera. However, we can also arrange Courses for any particular requirements.

Often our students combine a Professional Portuguese Course with one of our other Courses. This can be a good solution in order to enrich both general and specific knowledge of the language.

Our Professional Portuguese lessons are based on the Communicative Method. The student is completely involved in a practical learning experience with special attention given to Communication, both written and spoken.

Português et Cetera’s mission is to pursue excellence. Our teaching team is composed of first-rate experts with impressive backgrounds. We can offer teachers specialized in a number of language fields.

To maximize the student’s progress, Português et Cetera also organizes weekly School Events – such as Learning Tours, Theme Nights, and Recreational Trips – planned to give our students the chance to fully understand Portuguese traditions while practicing their language fluency.

At Português et Cetera we like to see ourselves as a Community. To reach this important objective we offer our students all the fundamental help they require during their stay in Lisbon.

Our Portuguese for Specific Purposes Courses are totally flexible in terms of scheduling: you can arrange to attend your lessons at any time you wish, from early morning to late afternoon, all year long. At the end of the course, you will be provided with a Final Course Certificate.