Portuguese Private Course

Course overview:

We offer two options of Portuguese Private Course: Individual Private Classes and Private Intensive Classes

Individual Private Classes

  • Complete flexibility in the number of lessons;
  • 300 € cost (10 lessons package); No enrolment fees;
  • All teaching material included;
  • Final Course Certificate and weekly cultural events included;
  • Lessons at all times throughout the year.

Private Intensive Classes

  • One week of Private Intensive Classes;
  • 3 or 4 hours of 50 minutes each
  •  No enrolment fees;
  •  The second week you will get a 5% discount;
  •  All teaching material included;
  • Final Course Certificate and weekly cultural events included;
  • Lessons at all times throughout the year.


At Português et Cetera we offer Individual lessons for students at all levels, from beginner (CEFRL: A1) to advanced (CEFRL: C2).

Our Private Portuguese Courses are structured in order to allow the student to fully personalize his/her learning experience. This is the most efficient way to obtain results.

A typical lesson equally balances all four language components (i.e. listening, reading, writing and speaking) but our Private Portuguese Courses are completely adaptable to student’s specific needs. Our school privileges the Communicative Method. It consists in an approach based on simulating real life situations to discover the most effective use of the language.

Português et Cetera staff continuously seeks to excel. We have expert teachers with outstanding track records. And, in particular, some of our team members specialize in Private lessons.

To enhance your Portuguese learning experience, the school also offers weekly School Events – such as Learning ToursTheme Nights and Recreational Trips – created to give our students the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the Portuguese traditions while practising their language skills.

At Português et Cetera we commit ourselves to operate as a community. That’s why, together with our language services, we provide our students with all the necessary support they need during their stay in Portugal.

Our Options of Portuguese Private Course


We offer two options of Portuguese Private Courses.

You have the opportunity to attend Individual Private Classes. The base package is Individual one-hour lessons, flexible in time and tailored to you. We can arrange lessons at any time of the day throughout the year. Moreover, the student can attend as many lessons as he/she wants.

You can also choose to attend our Private Intensive Course. If you have the need to learn as much as you can in the shortest time, this course suits perfectly. You will benefit from the fast learning process of the Intensive Course and from the customized Individual lessons.

We suggest packages for both types of Private Portuguese Courses, as you can see below. Moreover, we allow students to formulate their customized package.

The Course cost includes lessons, our weekly parallel activities and a final course certificate. Therefore, no additional enrolment fees are required.

You can freely decide to combine our Individual Private Courses with all the other Courses we offer on special conditions.

We offer different packages of Individual Private Classes among which you can choose according to your specific needs:

Type of CourseDurationDiscountTotal Price
Individual Private1-35 €
Individual Private5-10 €160 €
Individual Private10-50 €300 €



We offer different packages for Private Intensive Classes among which you can choose:

Type of CourseDurationDiscountTotal Price
Private Intensive3 hours per 5 days-75 €450 €
Private Intensive4 hours per 5 days-120 €580 €