3 to 8


3 hours with a break in between

1 – 8 modules (Only during the period June – September)

Portuguese Summer School

Course overview

  • 2-week module; 3 daily lessons with a break in between;
  • 350 € cost; No enrolment fees; Final course certificate included;
  • Weekly learning tours included;
  • Conversation club included
  • Possibility of extension and/or new learning opportunities;
  • Every week for non-beginners.

Summer school

Our Summer School consists of a 2-week module made up of 3 academic hours daily of lessons in groups of 3 to 8 students.

If you want to spend your summer in the incredible city of Lisbon, with its rich history, strong traditions, delicious food, and welcoming people this is the best option you can choose!

Moreover, you will develop your Portuguese while enjoying Portugal’s weather, surf beaches, and incredible recreational attractions.

The course is aimed at enriching students’ knowledge of the language in order to help them to reach their objectives in a short time. Therefore, from day one, students are provided with all the tools to develop their Communication Skills.

Consequently, after 2 weeks of our Portuguese Immersion Course, you will see amazing results. This will also be because of our parallel activities, in which students will be involved during their time at Português et Cetera.


Together with our Summer classes, we offer various School Events. Moreover, there are weekly free Learning Tours, Theme Nights, and Recreational Trips to discover Lisbon and immerse our students in Portuguese culture and lifestyle and, as a result, enhance the sense of community.

In addition to this, you can participate in our Conversation club to practice what you learned in class with new friends.

Furthermore, our school gives importance to sports activities. Therefore, you can take this opportunity to enjoy Surfing After Classes.

On top of that, after your course has ended, you may decide to enroll for additional lessons by taking another module or by choosing other learning schemes amongst our Courses. Accordingly, we will be happy to guide you to find the best solution.

Finally, if you need Accommodation, we offer a Special Summer School package to fully address all your requirements!

We offer different packages among which you can choose according to your specific needs:


Type of CourseModulesDurationDiscountTotal Price
Summer Course-1 week-185 €
Summer Course12 weeks- 20 €350 €
Summer Course1 + 1/23 weeks- 25 €530 €
Summer Course24 weeks- 30 €710 €
Summer Course36 weeks- 40 €1.070 €