Accommodation for students in Lisbon, Portugal

At Português et Cetera our mission is to provide our students with a set of services to make their learning experience in Portugal as much fruitful as possible. Together with our Courses, we offer to students a wide array of accommodation at affordable prices.

This is the best solution if you want to live a complete Portuguese experience. It will allow you to practice Portuguese also outside the school and to learn vocabulary and expressions of everyday life. It will allow you to discover more in-depth the Portuguese culture, its food, and its lifestyle.

This experience will allow you to see how the Portuguese really live. The Portuguese people are really hospitable, and these people will be more than happy to welcome you to their houses. You will be not only a tourist in Lisbon but part of the family.

Each accommodation we offer is carefully selected by our team and in order to be eligible, it needs to meet our criteria of cleanliness, comfort, and hospitality.

The different accommodation options in Lisbon are all located in historical neighborhoods. It will allow you to get to know not only the city center and the most tourist zones, but also the historical one. There you will be in contact with local people and with the real Portuguese culture. You will be able to do some shopping and to eat in the most typical places in Lisbon.

To choose a Português et Cetera accommodation means to be hosted in a private room in a shared apartment and to live with young or adult Portuguese people.

Living with native Portuguese people is the best way for students to practice their language skills outside the classroom and to enjoy a 360 degrees Lisbon experience.

At a reasonable cost of 445 per 13 nights, the accommodation price also includes bedsheets and towels.

Check out our Special Intensive Course Package and Special Summer School Package if you are interested in a ready-made Portuguese learning experience.

Service overview:

Private room in a shared apartment;

-445 € per 13 nights;

-35 € per each extra night;

-Sheets and towels included.